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Vehicle Dealership Solutions

Vehicle Dealership Solutions for EV Charging

Vehicle dealerships have the chance to provide additional value to their clients and make additional revenue by providing charging options that are easy and easily accessible as the sales of electric vehicles (EVs) continue to climb. At GL Charge, we provide customized Vehicle Dealership Solutions that are designed to meet the requirements of both dealerships and the clients of those dealerships. This ensures a smooth and pleasurable experience throughout the entire process of purchasing an electric vehicle, while also allowing you to extend your product choices.

Vehicle Dealership Charging Solutions from GL Charge are a comprehensive solution for dealerships wishing to improve their offers to consumers who buy electric vehicles and generate new revenue streams. Our charging stations are designed to be readily integrated into dealership premises, providing a consistent experience for both customers and employees.

Key Features

Charging Station Bundling

Dealerships can bundle a charging station with the purchase of an electric vehicle, providing customers with a convenient at-home charging solution and an incentive to choose an EV from your dealership. This also allows your dealership to expand its product offerings and generate additional revenue.

On-Site Charging Stations

Installing charging stations on your dealership premises enables your customers to charge their vehicles while they browse, test drive, or wait for vehicle servicing, enhancing their overall experience at your dealership and further contributing to your revenue.

Customized Branding

GL Charge's charging stations can be customized with your dealership's branding, reinforcing your dealership's identity and commitment to electric vehicle adoption.

Real-time Monitoring and Analytics

Our sophisticated software allows to monitor the charging stations' usage in real-time, providing insights on energy consumption, customer usage patterns, and showcasing the efficiency of the EVs you sell.


Your dealership will be able to cater to the growing need for electric vehicle infrastructure, provide added value to your clients, and create more money by expanding the product offers if you make an investment in GL Charge’s Vehicle Dealership Solutions. Customers who are concerned about the environment will have a favorable view of your business if you provide options for charging their devices that are both convenient and easy to reach. This will ultimately lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our group of knowledgeable professionals will collaborate closely with you to develop a tailor-made answer that addresses the requirements of your dealership. This will ensure the charging infrastructure of your EVs is integrated without a hitch and is managed effectively. By providing your consumers with all-inclusive charging options, you can embrace the future of mobility while also capitalizing on the transformation brought about by electric vehicles. Get in touch with GL Charge right away to acquire additional information regarding our cutting-edge Vehicle Dealership Solutions for charging electric vehicles.


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