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Charging your electric vehicle has never been easier with the PAY solution. PAY is a state-of-the-art charging station equipped with a built-in payment system, making it simple and convenient for drivers to charge their electric vehicles. With the ability to accept payment from contactless debit or credit cards, drivers can easily pay for their charging sessions without the hassle of carrying cash or coins.

The PAY solution differentiates itself from other charging station solutions by offering a range of payment services including credit and debit cards, customer loyalty cards, company and campus cards, all through one card reader and one system. The solution also offers multiple payment channels, including tapping the card or mobile wallet at the card reader, using a mobile application for registered customers, QR code and browser-controlled mobile payment, and SEPA bank transfer.

In addition to offering a range of payment services, the PAY solution also provides an advanced customer experience. With reserved fund release immediately after charging, drivers will not have to worry about blocking the credit line of their payment card. The solution also provides multiple payment services, all of which are easily accessible from the driver’s pocket.

For providers, the PAY solution offers an advanced provider service with a detailed real-time transaction overview and transaction summary, online transaction management (such as refunding), and advanced tariff management. The solution also offers an end-to-end customer boarding process, with GL leading providers through the entire process to make it easy to become a charging provider.

The PAY solution is designed with a modular and expandable architecture, allowing for deep integration of charging and payment services. The system can be upgraded and enhanced to meet changing business requirements, making it a flexible solution for providers and drivers alike.

What is PAY?

Pay is a charging station with built in payment system. It is a simple method using our prepayment system enabling smooth payment with debit or credit card.

Pay electric charging station allows owners to charge end customers for charging their electric vehicles.

Payment options

Why PAY?

Primerjava višine


Plug your e-vehicle to the GL Charge BOX PAY charging station.


"TAP" a debit or credit card to the payment system.


After successful payment authentication you can start with charging the e-vehicle.


Once the charging is completed you can drive away with your e-vehicle.


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