Household charging station for vehicles


Advanced Charging Station Solutions

When choosing a charging station, the house's electrical network and its final power have to be considered. Most single-family houses in Slovenia have a connection power of 3x20A or 3x25A.

Due to the growing trend in the use of heat pumps and other electric sources, the electricity usage in newer constructions is higher than in older houses which use wood or heating oil as a primary source of heat. 

In order for your electric car to be recharged as fast as possible, it makes sense to have an advanced solution from GL Charge – DLM.DLM - Dynamic load management, which ensures that the charging of vehicles is adjusted to the electricity usage in the house at a given time. As the power consumption increases, the charging power decreases and as the power consumption decreases, the charging power of the electric vehicle increases. This allows for the fastest possible charging depending on the strength of your main fuses in the house. 

See the example of a single-family house below.

Domestic electricity network

The house gets electricity from the public network. This electricity is then used to power all consumer appliances in the house as shown. Eg. for use of charging station, induction cooker, washing machine etc…

The “Smart Current Meter” takes care of the operation of the DLM - Dynamic load management. This reads the share of consumers in the house and calculates the free electrical power, according to the input fuses in the house electrical cabinet.

See how it takes care of customization below.

Household charging station

Dynamic power adjustment to the network

A smart current meter monitors the electricity consumption in the house and calculates the free electrical power, which is then used to charge the electric vehicle. 

As shown on the left, when you turn on additional consumers in the house, as these have the advantage, the power of the charging station is reduced. However, if certain consumers are not included, e.g. induction cooker, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, the power at the charging station increases.

This allows quick and advanced charging of your electric vehicle even during the day when you have more electricity consumers in the house.

Mobile app

Advanced mobile applications ensure smart monitoring of the charging station. Available for iOS and Android. 

It enables remote on and off switching of the charging station, change of the charging power and insight into the charging history.

Possible integration

The application can be extended for B2B customers and add additional functionality.

Integration is possible for use in multi-apartment buildings, where the user can confirm or allow other users to charge at their charging station.


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